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sunna - solar plant - even such a rich source of resources as the earth has its limits. when there is nothing left on our planet, we look further for something that will give us energy and fuel for further living and conquest. sun and its power were always our loyal companion in our journey. sunna is a conceptual answer for futuristic solar plants. located on depleted and destroyed earth where only dust and dirt remains.
while solar panels catch sun rays, every malfunction and damage is being repaired by autonomous drones which fly above the heads of engineers.
white vertical pillars fill the desolated landscapes of the earth giving hope that there is something left for humankind. silo batteries collect energy when scientists think of more advanced solutions to gather energy.
solar circles give us hope in a hopeless world where men live in recycled containers. but the circle is a symbol, a symbol of infinity, especially a circle filled with energy that comes from our ancestral gods.

every object or mesh used in the model was created by jakub pietryszyn. no external assets were used.

echoes of the future is a mini-series presenting the futuristic design of industrial facilities on a dystopian earth. mankind is a well-known species designed and shaped for exploration and conquer. Despite the damage we do to our home, earth, our lust for the unknown pushes us further and further. mini-series consists of 5 speculative concept projects, focused on industrial/scientific relations between mankind and earth.